What do buyers want now that the pandemic has changed dining out? Research indicates an updated kitchen and particularly a few high tech appliances. If you happen to be selling in the next year, or if you have no plans to sell just yet, these items still may be worth putting on your holiday wishlist.


Three sweet upgrades for your kitchen remodel might mean a more delectable number for your home’s re-sale value. According to Zillow, this trio of enhancements appeals to homebuyers, particularly to those who love to cook and entertain.

Plus, all three improvements are practical and useful. Who knows? They might make your house more of a home, even if moving is not in the immediate plans.

The three touches? (Drumroll, please…)

  • Dual fuel range.
  • Touchless faucets.
  • Smart appliances.

Touchless faucets Motion sensors aren’t just for house alarms and automatic doors, now they work in kitchen faucets, too. When the faucet senses your hands, the water flows. It doesn’t get any easier—or more hygienic. Touchless faucets cost between $400 and $500 and can add another 0.6 percent to your home’s value.

Smart appliances Smart means wi-fi. We all know that. Refrigerators and ranges connected to the internet and controlled, by you, via an app on your smart phone. Let your refrigerator text you a grocery list, keep track of specific temperatures for wine or the meat compartment, on and on. You can even connect your voice-activated smart speaker or adjust oven temperatures remotely. (Some refrigerators even “read” recipes aloud as you cook.) Prices start at $2,000, but these cutting-edge appliances add 3 percent to the asking price of your home.

Dual Fuel Range This might sound like something powering a race car, but it’s a simple concept. These are ranges that use gas for the stovetop (every chef’s top choice) and electricity for the oven (because electric ovens provide more precise temperatures for baking and roasting). Price? Up to $2,500. But this improvement alone can yield a 2.2 percent premium on the total value of your home.

*One final cautionary note: If you are looking into the range or refrigerator upgrades, you want to make sure and measure because special appliances may require adjusting or remodeling your cabinets, too.

If you are looking to make any of these kitchen appliance upgrades and need help with measuring and designing a new kitchen layout, Classic Cabinets & Design in Louisville, CO can help. Just give us a call today!

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