It was a pleasure to work with Classic Cabinets. We did a major remodel our kitchen. We knocked out a wall, moved our sink and appliances around. We also updated (and fixed) our lighting, sanded the hardwood floor, and more. Of course, we had new cabinets installed as well.

We worked with Cheryl as our designer. She was fun and easy to work with. She improved our ideas and gave us guidance on what we wanted from our kitchen. Our kitchen looks great. It’s been about a year and sometimes we still marvel at how much prettier and more usable it has become.

The actual build ran smoothly and was largely stress free. It ran into issues of course, but our GM, Charley, took care of everything. He guided us on when to be involved, answered all our questions, and made us feel extremely confident about every step in the process.

Corey (Google Review)
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