This note is long overdue. In using our kitchen over several months, we have found that the space you designed to work very well. I have noticed that not a square inch of space was wasted. We have used up almost all of it since a cabinet was eliminated and the deep temporary cabinets went from 24″ to 16″. I CAN FIND EVERYTHING NOW AND EASILY ACCESS IT.

We love the bamboo and thank Mark and Justin for working with us and the manufacturer until things were right. With skylights, new appliances and great lighting, we couldn’t be happier about our substantial, practical investment. The kitchen is now a delight and is a design segues to our dining and living rooms. We finally installed and shoji screen between the kitchen and dining room which functions as a great divider but is also complementary to the shoji material we inset to the cabinets.

Thanks again,

Have a great holiday season.

Barbara and Mitch
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