In these challenging times, it’s safety first for all of us. But let’s face it, we’re going to be staring at the same walls for a while to come, and a lot of our walls could look better! Working from home, schooling from home, making every meal from home, doing everything at home is the new reality for a large segment of our workforce, and it happened so fast that most of us are unprepared for the challenge. Pets can’t support us through all of this! You might need a smartly organized and beautifully built home office space, or modernized cabinets to look at while you wait for that microwave burrito. Or a nook around the corner you can send the kids to for their next homeschooling deadline. We can’t fix your cranky spouse, but we can cheer everybody up with the right design and a professional build.

If you are dreaming of installing a fresh and organized new home office, Classic Cabinets and Design remains open for business and prioritizes you and your families’ safety and health above all else. Our showroom is cleaned and disinfected after every appointment, and we even have personal appointments available allowing you to be the only person or group inside the showroom just give us a call and we will happily accommodate your need. During the installation we will work with each individual client to address and fulfill safety requests and requirements.

Now the fun part let’s discuss some design ideas for working remotely that will keep you cheerful and motivated as we navigate the new-normal. Whatever your dream home office might look like, our team of talented designers is here to help you draw it, choose it and build it on time and on budget.

Feng Shui

Redfin thinks that you should incorporate Feng Shui elements and place your desk in a command position, use vivid and energetic colors, inspiring décor that supports your aspirations, and plenty of greenery and live plants to bring the outside inside.

Bright and Organized

Looking for bright and cheerful? Style At Home thinks you should stay true to yourself and do whatever makes you happy in your space. Use your favorite color – who cares what the ‘experts’ think. Is your room dark? Consider replacing small windows with larger ones. Who doesn’t like more natural light (as long as you have some window covering available to shelter digital screens). Are you cluttered or are you realizing you need more storage space, for work records or your crisis chocolate stash? Consider adding a large recessed bookcase on one wall for storage and a touch of unique, vintage style.

Inspiring Ideas

Finally Architectural Digest brings us a gallery of more than 65 inspiring home office ideas ranging from sleek to unique to space-saving, that should keep the distractions to a minimum and the creativity flowing. Whatever your style and vision Classic Cabinets and Design will work with you to add a touch of these ideas (or all of them!) to make your home office your individual oasis. Give us a call today!

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