As we head into the fifth month of lockdown, you’ve already binge-watched all of Tiger King and Ozark, thrown away ten batches of failed sourdough starter and learned how to homebrew mead. Perhaps it’s time to (gulp) get off the sofa and move forward with an upgrade to those surroundings with which you’ve become a little too familiar – how about a small kitchen renovation project with a big payoff? With a little planning and thought you could have new kitchen countertops in as little as two weeks.

Your countertop space is kind of the big display ad for your kitchen – highly visible, and when done well, a big attraction. Each countertop material has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing your new countertop material is the first step in your renovation project and there are now a myriad of material choices: granite, natural stone, marble and quartz.

We are going to focus on Quartz, perhaps the least-known of the group, but also one of the most intriguing. Quartz surfaces are an engineered product that is nonporous (so it doesn’t absorb bacteria, mold, mildew or ‘accidents’ like red wine.) Although all the countertop selections are sealed hard surfaces, only quartz is nonporous. There is often a misconception that all hard surfaces are nonporous, but that’s not the case. Other materials are sealed upon installation, but over time the coating will wear off if not maintained and reapplied. In today’s world of constant cleaning and disinfecting, finishes can quickly be damaged if you do not follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

So What is Quartz?

Quartz countertops are a mix of raw materials (quartz, pigments and polymers) that are fed and mixed into a mold and then pressed and formed into a slab size. The slab is compressed under extreme high pressure and vibrated to remove all the air and create a smooth, solid surface. The slabs are then cured in a kiln, calibrated and polished to a perfect finish in a vast array of colors and designs. Every slab undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s extremely high standards of color, hue and consistency before it is shipped to you. As with granite and marble patterns, there are a wide variety of choices and styles in Quartz that can match the mood of any kitchen.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Nonporous surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Vast array of colors and designs
  • Stain and impact resistant


  • Cost

Quartz Care and Maintenance

Quartz is advertised as a virtually care-free surface. All suppliers have their own advice on the best way to care for their product, but the underlying product recommendation is to use soap and water. And as we all know by now, science recommends good ol’ soap and water for killing the coronavirus. However, some of our Quartz suppliers are announcing that you can apply something with a bit more kick and use up to 70% denatured alcohol – the CDC recommends that you use at least 60% alcohol content. As you make your kitchen countertop selections please make sure to investigate the appropriate sanitizing procedure for your specific supplier.

Is Quartz Cleaner?

There is no scientific data that Quartz is cleaner than granite or marble. We can only tell you the facts and let you choose for yourself. Whatever your decision, the talented designers at Classic Cabinets and Design are ready to help you choose your new kitchen countertop material. We have a vast selection of quartz countertops samples IN HOUSE for you to peruse, and additional samples of natural materials − such as granite and soapstone − for you to review. Classic Cabinets & Design in Louisville can help with: new kitchen countertops; kitchen cabinets; bathroom remodels; kitchen remodels; kitchen hardware; custom kitchen cabinetry and custom bathroom cabinetry. And as always, Classic Cabinets & Design follows the recommendations of our Governor and requires that face masks are worn inside our showroom. We can even set up a special appointment allowing you to be the only person in our showroom at one time. Give us a call today!

Our Quartz Suppliers

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