With the kids finally back-to-school it’s time to take a deep breath and turn your attention elsewhere. How about giving your kitchen a little “facelift” that won’t break the bank? Let’s discuss some ideas that are quick(ish) and will bring your kitchen new life.

If you’re not looking to completely remodel your kitchen, but simply shape it up, then Classic Cabinets & Design has all the resources available to bring your kitchen back to its golden days. Without completely remodeling your kitchen you can give it a whole new life by simply updating one or a few items on the following list:

  • Kitchen Countertops — Upgrade to granite or quartz
  • Lighting — Install new lighting fixtures or add recessed lighting
  • Tiling — Add a unique new backsplash
  • Hardware — Install new knobs and handles
  • Plumbing — Install new sink and faucets
  • Add an island — Our experts can help you!

Kitchen islands are distinctive. Changing or adding an island will complete any design, provide functionality and add value to your home. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors all while meeting customers personal, specific needs.

Islands do not have to be designed in a traditional manner. By creating both depth and dimension, islands are designed to function in your custom kitchen. Working with different shapes and sizes allow for adequate space in a high traffic area of your home and adds interest by mixing materials and colors. Whether it’s functional, rustic, industrial or space-saving we can help you design and realize your unique vision. Here are 57 ideas from Country Living that effortlessly blend style and storage!

Kitchens are quickly becoming a popular gathering place in the home and some may even think the kitchen is the new family room! A multi-level island will allow you, as the host, to cook on one level with ample space, while interacting and entertaining your guests on a lower or higher level.

Short on space? Islands and stools are the new dining room table. An island allows for smaller kitchens to gain more cabinet space and a functioning family dinner table all in one.

Whichever quick-fix you are interested in pursuing, Classic Cabinets & Design is excited to meet with you and discuss all the latest trends and designs. Give us a call today!  

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