Welcome to 2021. We made it! The majority of us spent more time in our homes than we ever thought possible last year. The home we once knew has taken on the role of office, school, bar, gym, and five-star (okay, three-star) restaurant. It has been witness to our emotional turmoil over The Office being taken off Netflix and our dark contemplations of Tiger King. It’s time for a new chapter; not just for us, but for the homes that weathered the storm with us.

The kitchen has long been seen as the heart of the home. After the longest year in history, it may be in need of a refresh. The new year has brought in a wave of fresh custom kitchen cabinet trends. This year is all about reinventing the previous notions of traditional. We like to call this new traditional “not your grandmothers traditional.”

We get it. Home renovations are an investment, an investment that you want to withstand the test of years like 2020. Here are the best custom kitchen cabinet trends taking over 2021 faster than you can say pandemic.



Nothing says home more than wood crackling in a fireplace. Imagine that same feeling when you see your custom kitchen cabinets! Many of us want light and bright kitchens. But darker cabinets mixed with light countertops and backsplash provide the same effect while making cabinetry really pop! Better yet, your cabinets will be better equipped to withstand anything life throws your way.

Remove that Wall!


Most cabinets are crafted out of wood. Their visual quality shines through the stain applied. For 2021, expect to see lots of gray washed browns. This trend first emerged in the 80s but has made a remarkable reintroduction into the cabinetry world. Forget about your grandmother’s ash colored cabinets — the blond wash on this color is anything but outdated.


Doors, that is. Once again, we are seeing the re-emergence of a classic with a modern twist. The shaker door is a classic, plain design with a thick border. However, this modified update incorporates details that take these custom kitchen cabinets from 1991 to 2021. Adding a carving detail to enhance the natural shaker shape kicks this well loved look up a notch while erring on the side of timeless.

Elegant Design

Classic Cabinet & Design’s talented design team is ever at the forefront of design trends. Whether you are a trendsetter yourself or prefer to stick with what you know, our custom kitchen cabinets will withstand whatever 2021 throws your way. Located in Louisville, CO, we are available to discuss custom kitchen cabinets or the Tiger King.  

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