We all want a big hug from our homes. We want to feel comfortable because we are, of course, at home. We want our spaces to appear inviting. And warm. Lived-in.

Maybe the spaces feel more alive when they aren’t 100 percent pristine. It’s kind of like the difference between a stiff new pair of jeans and a pair that you’ve worn on weekends for about a year. For kitchen and bathroom cabinets, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds —top-quality materials coupled with the highly desired distressed look that delivers that comforting, farmhouse, artisanal feeling.

At Classics Cabinets & Design, we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with R.D. Henry & Co. to offer a new line of kitchen cabinets for your upcoming kitchen remodel. Based in Wichita, Kansas, R.D. Henry has been around since 1981. They have been focused on highly crafted, beautiful cabinetry for four decades. And counting.

The line we carry is called Evoke. That’s a perfect name because as customers, you will have one-point-five zillion options to set the tone and color and mood that you want to, well, evoke. (Disclaimer: One-point-five zillion is not an accurate count, but it’s close.)

R.D. Henry’s kitchen cabinets are furniture-grade. They offer unsurpassed finishes with a wide variety of choices —and several customization options. They offer a customized paint match for any specific hue you have in mind. Care for an artisanal glaze? Take your pick of several options. Custom sizes? They can do it. Door and drawer style? Again, they are myriad. (That’s kind of just a fancy word for “many.”)

R.D. Henry offers cabinets for every taste and style, but let’s get to that “distressed” look. R.D. Henry uses the terminology “aging techniques.” Same thing. Either way, the cabinet doors are available with knife marks, wire brush scratches, dents, and sanded edges that give you the snug, comfy mood you’re after. Instant charm. Instant coziness. Instant warm vibe. You even have the option of upgrading from furniture board to plywood without breaking the bank. Best of all? There are options for any budget. Like most materials these days, definitely plan ahead as lead times are extended. However, we are happy to report that Evoke kitchen cabinets are moving forward with innovative solutions to navigate these new waters.

Schedule an appointment with one of the talented designers at Classic Cabinets & Design in Louisville, CO and let’s design your dream kitchen remodel today!

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