Holiday Goals: Cook the perfect turkey. Find the perfect tree. Impress the un-impressionable Aunt Kathy. We might not be able to help with your turkey and tree, but we can definitely help you dress your kitchen to impress with a fresh new kitchen countertop remodel in less than two weeks.

Hi, I’m Mark, owner and president of Classic Cabinets & Design, and I’d like to share a few tidbits and truths with you about replacing your kitchen countertops. Many homeowners often feel that home remodeling will be a long and arduous process but I want to let you know that with a little planning and thought we could have could have your kitchen upgraded in as little as two weeks and in plenty of time to host your Christmas festivities.


First, let us help you! Unlike our competitors, Classic Cabinets is a one-stop-shop. We have experienced first-class designers on staff to help you choose a material and look that will complement your home. We have a vast selection of quartz countertops in house for you to peruse and additional samples of natural materials − such as granite and soapstone − for you to review. Homeowners often like or need to replace backsplashes or faucets during the upgrade, and we have over 200 faucet samples on hand that you can touch and feel. Once we have a basic design concept in place we’ll send our very own crew to your home to take accurate measurements and finalize the template and pricing.


A few top things I recommend you consider before proceeding with a kitchen countertop replacement are:

  • You will need to upgrade your sink to an undermount sink and will probably want to replace your faucet at this time.
  • You may want to update your broken cooktop or outdated appliances. It is a good time to do so while the countertops have been pulled out.
  • Should you upgrade your garbage disposal? This is the best time to do so as outdated disposals often cause problems.
  • You will want to upgrade your backsplash and match it to your new countertop.

A countertop replacement on an average-size kitchen might go like this (very large kitchens will take a little longer):

  • Monday: Remove kitchen countertop and backsplash; replace drywall.
  • Tuesday: Install new kitchen countertop.
  • Wednesday: Install new backsplash.
  • Thursday: Replace faucets and appliances or cooktop, if needed.

I hope I’ve helped you understand the process and inspired you to get moving on your goal of installing a fresh new look for the holidays. The trends for 2019 kitchen remodels are moving toward white and much lighter countertop colors that look more like marble, but our team of superior designers can create any custom look for you that fit your home’s personality, style and flair.




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