The world seems to be opening up again, hallelujah! If you squint, flight prices aren’t even that bad (not really). Lucky for you, we have an alternative to crowded airports. The solution? Incorporate European style into your kitchen remodel. The rich history and culture embedded in European design provides ample amounts of inspiration. Below are top ideas that are sure to elevate your kitchen, so much so that you will forget what country you are in.


Bringing the outside in is a specialty of European design. Materials such as dark wood, stone, and marble are at the core of a European kitchen. Rich, dark wood tones are a great way to warm up your kitchen. Concrete and iron also add a rustic and elevated touch. Not ready to go full Euro? Incorporate one natural material and see how it elevates your kitchen’s aesthetic. Wood accessories, such as baskets, add a similar effect to your kitchen while being very affordable.


Open Shelving is HUGE in Europe. People enjoy displaying their gorgeous dishware and you should too! Of course, there are less aesthetically pleasing kitchen items that we all want to remain hidden. Our design team will masterfully create a mix of open shelving and traditional kitchen cabinetry to give you the practical, European style you need while upgrading your kitchen. Added bonus is you accessorize with natural material! Think plants, wooden bowls, and glass containers of oils and spices.


Much of European design is centered around character pieces. What is a character piece? A character piece is often vintage or reclaimed; it has a story to tell. A great way to incorporate European style into your kitchen is by choosing a farm sink. Farm sinks are large, typically white, sinks that are exposed. They really make a statement when incorporated into dark cabinetry. The timeless elegance of a farm sink will bring a European touch and be a worthwhile investment for your kitchen.

We are located in Louisville, CO 80027. Our talented design team is available to help you stay on budget with your kitchen remodel costs while creating the European kitchen of your dreams. Our process starts here.

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