Spring 2021 is in full swing and it’s safe to say things are looking up. Even masks seem to be making their exit! With the return of indoor dining and parties, it’s time to get yourself, and your kitchen, back in order for entertaining. The opportunities for hosting are endless. Tapas, ice cream, maybe even a tea party? Get creative and give your food the perfect backdrop by replacing your old countertop. Replacing a kitchen countertop can completely transform a space. Think of it as a post-COVID present. Guests will love it and your food will taste better being served on fresh kitchen countertops.

Many homeowners often feel that home remodeling will be a long and arduous process. However, with a little planning and thought Classic Cabinets & Design can have your kitchen countertops upgraded in a timely fashion. The summer hosting season is just getting started! Classic Cabinets & Design is a one-stop-shop. Experienced, first-class designers are available to help you choose a material and look that will complement any space. With vast selections of quartz countertops IN HOUSE for you to peruse and additional samples of natural materials − such as granite and soapstone – it is easy for you to weigh all options. Homeowners often like to replace backsplashes or faucets during an upgrade. Classic Cabinets & Design carries over 200 faucet samples that you can touch and feel. Once a basic design concept is in place, the design crew will come to your home to accurately measure and finalize the template and pricing.


A few top things to consider before proceeding with a kitchen countertop replacement are:

  • Do I want to upgrade my sink and faucet? Will it match my new countertop? Most of the time this will be necessary.
  • Do I want to update my broken cooktop or outdated appliances? It is often a good time to do so while the countertops have been pulled out.
  • Do I want to upgrade my backsplash? Will it be deep enough to match the new countertop? Most of the time this will be necessary.
  • Should I upgrade my garbage disposal? This is the best time to do so as outdated disposals often cause problems.


A typical installation might go like this:

  • Monday: Remove kitchen countertop and backsplash; replace drywall.
  • Tuesday: Install new kitchen countertop.
  • Wednesday: Install new backsplash, if needed.
  • Thursday: Replace faucets and appliances or cooktop, if needed.

Now imagine. A real-life party, with real-life guests in the comfort of your upgraded kitchen. No Zoom, no masks, and nothing but fun to be had. Hopefully this post gave you the inspiration you needed to get back in the entertaining groove. Put your trust in the kitchen experts, Classic Cabinets & Design in Louisville, CO, and we will leave the party planning to you. ALL ABOUT QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS With the look of natural stone, minus the maintenance, these quartz surfaces give granite a run for its money.             GRANITE COUNTERTOP COLORS Still a timeless classic, granite kitchen countertops come in a huge variety of colors ranging from beige, to blue to black and even white.

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