Are you under the impression that the options for custom kitchen cabinets are somewhat limited? Think again! Classic Cabinets & Design is pleased to announce our new partnership with Crystal Cabinet Works, one of the largest and oldest cabinet manufacturers in the United States. Just know that there will be almost no limits in unleashing your creativity as you plan your dream kitchen remodel.

Crystal Cabinet Works has 75+ years of experience and the people behind the family-owned business pride themselves on quality craftsmanship, high-quality materials and environmental stewardship. Crystal Cabinets has an industry-wide reputation as a company that takes excellent care of its employees – and that fact manifests itself in the quality of their work. With customer service rankings off the chart, we are proud to carry their line.

Best of all? They are meticulous.

At the outset, you start with one of two lines: Premium Custom or Affordable Custom.

With Premium Custom, Crystal Cabinets really shines. Truly, there are a thousand different options from door styles, finish materials, moldings, and colors. With the Premium Custom option, you can request such exotic veneers as bamboo and zebrawood. Go for it. The Premium Custom option also offers inset cabinets so the doors fit flush within the frame when closed. You can choose concealed or exposed hinges, depending on the dream kitchen remodel look you have in mind. Drawers may be upgraded to walnut. Do you want Crystal Cabinets to match a specific paint color? Just include that (very important!) detail in your order.

Affordable Custom options also offers custom finishes from Toasted Rye to Acorn, Java to Honey Spice. Door styles from Newark to Spokane, Tempo to Terrace. And any order may be ordered, from scratch, to suit your custom kitchen cabinet dimensions. All drawers use the wonderful soft-close technology.

With both lines, you are always welcome to upgrade to CARB II plywood with a natural basswood veneer interior. We think you’ll be impressed with the furniture-quality of Crystal Cabinets and we know your kitchen will gleam with pride if you choose to work with this fine company. There will be myriad decisions to make, but the end result is the precise look and feel you are after!

Schedule an appointment today with one of the talented designers at Classic Cabinets & Design in Louisville, CO! We’ll build your dream kitchen remodel together.

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