Developing a personal decorating style can be difficult, whether you find yourself overwhelmed with all the options available or you simply never developed a style of your own. Don’t fret, as developing a personal style requires knowing some basic essentials of design and styling, which will help you develop your own individual style.

How to Develop Your Own Personal Style

  • Determine what’s appropriate for your space – Appropriateness in this sense isn’t necessarily about whether a piece is tasteful, but whether it fits the space for which it’s designed. You don’t want to use a countertop material that scratches easily in the kitchen, for example. Using appropriate features and fixtures requires strategic thinking that goes beyond simple stylistic choices – you have to think about the material’s placement, how much it will be used, if it can withstand heavy use, etc. You’ll make smarter choices and get a bigger return on your investment.
  • Incorporate things you’re passionate about – A personal design style should reflect you, which is why it’s essential to identify your passions and think about how you can incorporate them into your design style. You can have an amazingly designed kitchen, but it’s not worth much if you have no personal connection with it. You’re the one who will spend the most time in your kitchen, not visitors or guests. You can still follow design industry standards, but don’t hesitate to include pieces or items that you find appealing or interesting.
  • Find inspiration online – Some of the best design styles are developed after researching other styles online. Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are great ways to find a variety of different styles to use as inspiration for your own. Also, you can find and take inspiration from styles you find online, and incorporate the things you find appealing into them, creating your own unique style. Experiment by combining and mixing different styles to create your own unique, eclectic style.
  • Don’t settle – You may be tempted to save money on your kitchen design, but you need appliances, fixtures andClassic Cabinets Design, stainless steel appliances, expert remodel and renovations features that can handle being in a kitchen environment. Choosing scratch resistant countertops can be more expensive than cheaper options, but it’s best to choose items that fit your kitchen’s needs, like stainless steel appliances. Additionally, some of these more expensive items will look better style-wise than cheaper alternatives, boosting the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and your home’s price tag should you sell your home in the future. Your kitchen is an investment, so don’t dwell as much on the cost of the design unless you are thinking of moving soon. That being said, if you are considering moving soon it may make more sense to research which types of kitchen features buyers are most interested in today and design a kitchen more in line with what’s hot on the market.

Cultivate Your Style with Classic Cabinets & Design

Classic Cabinets Design, Kitchen Remodel and Design, Custom cabinets, expert contractorsDeveloping your own sense of style is easy with kitchen furniture products from Classic Cabinets & Design. We provide the finest in products, service and craftsmanship for kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations.

Our team of expert designers can work with you within your budget to create a unique look that reflects your own unique sense of style. Our designers can also help you develop your personal style by helping you determine your needs and wants and combining it with their style knowledge to help you create an aesthetic that’s reflective of your tastes.

Contact Classic Cabinets & Design today to schedule an appointment with one of our designers to make your dream home a reality.

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