Summer 2021 is here and so are new kitchen color trends. The change in weather undeniably brings new inspiration and desire to brighten up your kitchen. Color can be added in pops such as with accessories and décor. You can also go bold and incorporate color in your custom kitchen cabinets, backsplash, or walls. Finding the proper balance between color, neutral tones, texture, and natural elements can be overwhelming. Classic Cabinets & Design is here to help! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite color trends that are sure to add instant wow-factor to your kitchen.

Green is the New Black

One color that has been taking the design world by storm this year is green. We all know it and love it. Green reminds us of all things outdoors — trees, grass, plants. Everyone is constantly striving to bring the outdoors in, especially after a year spent indoors, so it only seems fitting that this color would land at the top of the charts. As we know from nature, green comes in a variety of shades. Mint and forest green are taking over 2021. A pastel hue, such as mint, is a great way to make your kitchen feel light and airy. Working within a smaller space? Always opt for lighter colors to make the space feel larger. Incorporating forest green on a new kitchen island is a great way to make a bold statement you won’t regret!

Pretty in Pink

On the opposite end of the color wheel lies pink. No, we are not talking about Pepto-Bismol pink. The shade of pink that has been trending throughout 2021 is pale pink. There is something very vibrant and cozy about the color pink; it invites you in. 2021 is changing our previous, feminine ideologies surrounding pink and turning it in to one of the most desired colors. Pale pink is being chosen for every element of the kitchen, especially for a backsplash or custom kitchen cabinets. Our talented designers can help you choose the perfect shade of pink for your kitchen remodel!  

Hello Yellow

What do sunflowers, lemons, and bananas all have in common? They are all on trend for 2021 for sure. Yellow is having a major moment right now and chances are it is here to stay. Nothing says cheerful quite like yellow. Summer is the perfect time to bring the sunshine indoors. Mixing yellow custom kitchen cabinets with neutral kitchen countertops and backsplash will be the perfect way to make a statement. It is important to compliment a bold color choice throughout the rest of your home. We recommend adding accents of yellow to other areas of your home with decorative pillows, flowers, and wall art to really liven up any space and coordinate with your kitchen remodel. Yellow is great all year long. Come winter, your kitchen will still make you feel like it is summer. Classic Cabinets & Design’s talented design team is ever at the forefront of design trends. Located in Louisville, CO 80027, we are available to work with you every step of the way to help you stay on budget with your kitchen remodel costs while creating the kitchen of your dreams. You can learn more about our process here.  

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