Celebrating 20 Years Designing and Remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms with Fieldstone Cabinets in North Denver/Boulder

Evolution of Kitchen Design Trends For the past two decades, Classic Cabinets & Design has had the privilege of designing kitchen and bathroom remodels in North Denver and Boulder area with the exceptional craftsmanship of Fieldstone Cabinets. This milestone marks not only a long-standing partnership but also a testament to our shared commitment to quality […]

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Hidden Pantries Are The Ticket to Organized Kitchens

Do you keep bread in the pantry? Probably not. But the name implies that you do. The word ‘pantry’ comes from the Old French word panaterie—from pain, the French word for bread. In medieval times, meats were stored in a larder. Alcohol in the buttery. And bread in the pantry.

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Bringing Modern Design Into Your Kitchen Remodel

What do we really need in our lives and in our homes? Seriously, what do we really need? The whole “tidying up” craze, prompted by master organizer Marie Kondo, began in 2019. Her Netflix series urged us all to keep only those possessions and clothes that “spark joy.” And she urged us to part ways […]

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Crystal Cabinet Works – Limitless Choices and Meticulous Design

Are you under the impression that the options for custom kitchen cabinets are somewhat limited? Think again! Classic Cabinets & Design is pleased to announce our new partnership with Crystal Cabinet Works, one of the largest and oldest cabinet manufacturers in the United States. Just know that there will be almost no limits in unleashing […]

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Kitchen cabinetry is often the biggest and most visible investment you will make during a kitchen remodel and choosing it should be fun. To help you navigate the challenging process Classic Cabinets & Design wants to share our knowledge of cabinetry basics before you start your search.

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What do buyers want now that the pandemic has changed dining out? Research indicates an updated kitchen and particularly a few high tech appliances. If you happen to be selling in the next year, or if you have no plans to sell just yet, these items still may be worth putting on your holiday wishlist.

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Granite Countertops: Still a Winning Choice

Happy Fall Equinox! Yes, summer is over, but the coming months of shorter days and pumpkin spice lattes also herald a chance to tackle those home improvement projects that keep us indoors! Whether you just want to freshen up your space or give your kitchen a new look for the holidays, fresh kitchen countertops might […]

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Integrate European Design into your Kitchen

The world seems to be opening up again, hallelujah! If you squint, flight prices aren’t even that bad (not really). Lucky for you, we have an alternative to crowded airports. The solution? Incorporate European style into your kitchen remodel. The rich history and culture embedded in European design provides ample amounts of inspiration. Below are […]

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Fresh Kitchen Countertops for Your Post-COVID Party

Spring 2021 is in full swing and it’s safe to say things are looking up. Even masks seem to be making their exit! With the return of indoor dining and parties, it’s time to get yourself, and your kitchen, back in order for entertaining. The opportunities for hosting are endless. Tapas, ice cream, maybe even […]

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There are some serious side effects to spending countless hours in our homes, as we are all doing these days. Can you say Cabin Fever? And the kitchen, which is the heart of the home, is really taking a beating (pun intended). Even small kitchen upgrades can make a big difference in your home and […]

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