Whether you plan to sell your home later or enjoy it forever, your home’s interior décor and finishes can play a large role in increasing your home’s value. In particular, kitchens are one of the most central and commonly used areas of the home, acting as a gathering space as well as a place to prepare your meals. Invest in your home’s equity by taking advantage of these gorgeous trends today!Classic Cabinets, alternate storage ideas

Cabinet Colors

Your kitchen’s cabinets will set the tone of the entire room. Luckily, today’s cabinet trends are as flexible as you’d like. While darker stained cabinets are more uncommon now than they were in previous years, a dark wood can create a more intimate atmosphere. White cabinets brighten up the space and make it feel bigger, making them a popular choice in today’s homes. If you’re more adventurous, however, brightly colored cabinets from neutrals to jewel tones are the perfect way to express yourself in your kitchen. In short, today’s cabinet trends are all about personal taste.


Classic Cabinets and Design, Countertops, style for the kitchenYour countertops should contribute to your kitchen’s “wow” factor. In the early 2000s, marble was most desirable; then granite came on the scene. Nowadays, however, quartz is your best friend. While granite counters are lovely, they require annual maintenance. With quartz, you can enjoy gorgeous patterns and colors with little to no upkeep. Additionally, quartz counters are durable, resist chipping or breaking if you slam an appliance down a little too roughly and won’t stain from a coffee or wine spill.


Hidden Appliances

Toasters, coffee makers, microwaves and more crowd your counters and take up valuable counter space. With so many appliances, it’s easy for your kitchen to look cluttered and messy. That’s why today’s trends focus on minimizing clutter and creating unique storage solutions for all your large appliances. Many homeowners have chosen to install cabinets that hide their countertop appliances to ensure their kitchen is always projecting a clean, uncluttered appearance. With enough creativity, you can develop a cabinet storage system for all your largest gadgets.

Love Your Kitchen Again with Classic Cabinets & Design

Your kitchen is a reflection of your personal style. Impress the guests with gorgeous design and cabinets from Classic Cabinets & Design in Louisville! To receive your design consultation today, contact us online or call 720-887-1308.

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