What do we really need in our lives and in our homes? Seriously, what do we really need? The whole “tidying up” craze, prompted by master organizer Marie Kondo, began in 2019. Her Netflix series urged us all to keep only those possessions and clothes that “spark joy.” And she urged us to part ways with everything else.

And as soon as we welcomed Marie Kondo into our daily decision-making, the pandemic came along and prompted further introspection about how our lives are shaped. We also started thinking more about the things we carry with us as we move through this world. It’s been called the big pandemic downsizing. The same approach holds true for the spaces we create at home, beginning with kitchen design and perhaps the kitchen remodel you are dreaming about. The kitchen, after all, is the heart of a home. In many ways, your kitchen design sets the tone for the entire look and feel of your interior. It’s a space where you spend considerable time. It’s a space that sets the positive mood for your life—of how you want to live. In fact, one way to start your design process is to work with our designers and create a “mood board.”


And that brings us to modern kitchen design. Modern kitchen design isn’t a prescription, it’s an approach. Think natural tones, earthy hues — contrasting accents that might pull in a primary color, or a shade of black, or a shimmery metal. Think open. Think airy. Clean lines with sleek expanses that send a message of calm and that reinforce your orderly approach to living. The modern kitchen design might borrow an idea or two from minimalism. In fact, like minimalism, modern kitchen design urges intentionality. The core concept is functionality. But it’s not all the way to bare-bones minimalism. Not hardly. However, modern kitchen design doesn’t mean style is thrown out the window. On the contrary, the style is yours. The choices are yours. The colors and details are the ones that speak to you. Modern kitchen design, as a general concept, is your customized preferences, down to even your custom kitchen cabinets, that yield the way of life you are after! “Tidying is just a tool, not the final destination,” said Marie Kondo, one of many quotes that should ‘spark joy’ as you declutter. “The true goal should be to establish the lifestyle you want most once your house has been put in order.” We could not have said it any better ourselves! Classic Cabinets & Design is located in Louisville, CO 80027. Our talented design team is available to help you stay on budget with your kitchen remodel costs while creating the sleek, orderly kitchen of your dreams! Our process starts here.

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